Airport - COVID Safety App

Project Brief

What is the one thing we are trying to achieve?

To help people get through airports in a covid world using automation and a smartphone app.

Who is this product aimed at?

Personal travellers who are getting ready to fly in a COVID secure way.

These travellers are people who are anxious about the airport and flying experience and potentially their families and other travellers. They get frustrated with other people not following rules and with processes not being thorough enough. They are generally tech savy with a few older people not so tech savy.

What is the single thing we want them to be able to do?

Feel safe travelling via air.

By giving and delivering on this promise, it will speed up the airport process and put their fears to rest by being trusted.

What defines this project as successful?

By the end of the project you will have 30 mins to present and sell your product to an investor or present to an interviewer.

On a wider scale, we’d love to bring forward the target of long-range air travel forward to pre-covid levels from 2023, to 2021 by bringing about trust via the app.

The User Research

This stage of my project was to undertake detailed User Research, learning as much as we could about our users and their needs for the app. I undertook a range of research such as looking into airports and their messaging, airlines and their messaging, a survey and user interviews.

Below, I’ll show a select few slides but you can view the full presentation that would have been shown to the client.  You can download the full slides here.

The User Flow & Experience Mapping

After the user research, I was in a much better place to start to look at the experience map and user flow. The focus with the experience map was to look at the different thinking and emotions at each stage of the process. The user flow was key to figuring out how the app would flow, making it as easy as possible for the user to experience happy emotions.

The Wireframing

The next stage of the process was to wireframe to spec out and test the designs I have done. I started this process on paper and then translated to Adobe XD.

The UI

After wireframing, it was time to move to the UI stage. I wanted to develop a clear and modern UI scheme that could stand the test of time and abide by the latest standards.

What's next?

Next up will be user testing, followed by the rest of the backlog. Below, you can see the Trello board I have created for this. If you’d like to see the up to date version, you can click here.